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Adakah ini semua klu?
Saturday, November 23, 2013 | 0Superstar (s)!

Istikharah yang aku buat dulu, macam seolah-olah membawa aku ke satu jalan. Bukan jalan mati, tapi jalan baru. 

I admit, after that istikharah that i made, aku dengan dia selalu bergaduh. Its not gaduh sangat actually. But, dingin. One day, my mom called. She asked something to me qbout him. And it makes me become want to ask more!

Disenabkan soalan-soalan aku yang belambak-lambak pada dia la, the fight begin. Each and every day. But still, no solution. Terus berjalan di jalan yang sama.

Sampai la hari ni, when i ask him to tell me and answer me all of the questions, he did!

But, it is really frustating to hear all the answers. And i think aku dah mula jumpa jawapan untuk istikharah aku. Leave him. I dont need him. 

Then, i ask myself, should i give him another chance if he promise that he will never do the same mistakes again? And tak beberapa lama lepastu, i answer muself, NO! This is the time i will end everything!

Tapi, tak sampai 5 minit pun, aku tanya dia. Janji tak buat lagi atau lepaskan aku? He keep quiet for a long time. Then, suddenly he said, "you are free now". WHAT?!

Fine then, i just thank him for the answer. Then, i hung up. But, why there is no feeling at all? Everything is normal. No fast heart beat, no more tears. But of course i am sad! 

I perform maghrib solah, and come down for dinner. Im okay, can have a laugh chitchat with housemates as usual.

Then, i came back home. Log in to my FB. 

In a relationship....

Where his name? Its not there! Aku pun terus search for his name, none! DEACTIVE!

So, i really think, its over. I open the photo album to delete all that photos with him. But suddenly, my fingers dont move! I keep staring to the photos. How i miss him when we re laughing together, eat together, the way he tease me. Hmm. 

Aku terus call dia.

Confession from both sides. 

Semoga chance ini diguna sebaiknya. Dan mungkin segala pergaduhan antara aku dan dia adalan klu untuk aku tahu silap dia and untuk perbetulkan keadaan yang salah. 


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